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Let’s Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever


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30-Day Money back Guarantee

We’ve packaged everything we know into creating the best tools we have for your success. If you do the work and are still unable to launch, reach out for a full refund.

““I tried everything and when I finally stumbled onto Rohan’s program I was able to go from zero to $1 million dollars per year in less than 2 years. Never heard of anything like this!” - Ryan Knoll

“Whatever you do, drop everything right now and listen to Rohan. I came onboard with no experience in any of this and just passed the $100,000 mark!” - Toria Davis

What you'll receive today

MILLIONAIRE ACADEMY - Courses, case-studies, and step-by-step guides.

WEBSITE THEME - Website specifically designed and ready-to-go for local services.

COMMUNITY - Accountability and motivation from amazing folks at every levels.

MENTORSHIP - Live weekly calls to keep you on track and all your questions answered.

CONVERTLABS - Software to handle your teams, schedule, customer database, credit card payments, and more.

EASYHIRE - Software to handle attracting and onboarding partners and/or employees

Featured Testimonials

Delah Gomasi Owner, Maidforyou

“I received my first dollar of money made on the internet exactly 12 months ago and what a journey it has been. Big shout out to Rohan Gilkes for being so transparent.”

Dan Smith Owner, Home Made Better

“The end of July marked our 9th month in business and marked the crossing of our first $100,000 in business. We are grateful for Rohan’s ability to lead and inspire.”

Ben Ferris Owner, Rain City Maids

“Rohan Gilkes inspired me to give it a shot and I’m amazed at how much opportunity there is out there. I finished year one at $471,000. Big Thanks!”

Andrew Monnier Owner, Pro Touch Home Cleaners

“Finished first year of business in little ole Boise Idaho. Goal is to double this next year. Did $189,000 in the first year. Still in shock. Thank you Rohan!”

Chris Schwab Owner, Visa Local

“One year ago Rohan Gilkes launched his new case study and for some reason I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do it with. I’m still scared shitless but did $250,000 in the first year.”