"Is this real?"

Close your eyes and imagine lounging in Paris, while your phone keeps pinging with alerts every few minutes that you have a deposit in your account for $297 or $595 from people back at home purchasing local services from your website — all while you’re taking pictures at the Louvre or walking up the stairs of La Tour Eiffel (The Eiffel tower for regular folks like me).

Well that’s my life now.

Affiliate marketing? Nope, tried that. Selling on Ebay or Amazon? Tried that as well.

And after failing at a gazillion other ideas, I started my first local service business in 2012, grew it to millions in revenue, and since them I’ve been helping other people get there as well. Today, my courses, guides, and software have thousands of people enrolled all over the world.

I now know what it takes to create, launch, and grow a location independent service business and crush it.

Me on vacation, taking selfies thinking: "Is this real life?"

One week before I was laid off from my job

But this was me in 2012...

This was my last week at my “good job” as an accountant.

A week after this photo was taken, I would find myself laid off from work, with no income, and rapidly burning through my savings.

In mere months, I had withdrawn all the money from my 401k to pay my mortgage so I wouldn’t lose my home.

I tried launching my first internet company to try to get some money coming in but everything I tried failed!

From affiliate marketing, to Amazon, to Ebay, to ecommerce stores...

Nothing worked!

And that’s when I realized that I needed to be doing something that the entire world wasn’t doing.

And then I joined Reddit

If you're not familiar with Reddit, it's a forum where you can discuss just about anything.

While I had so far failed at building an online business, my failures so far had taught me a lot about online marketing, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and more.

I felt that I could take those skills and build a local service business using traditional ecommerce techniques...and do it in a way where I would show it in happening in real time on Reddit.

And that’s what I did. That companies turned into a 6 figure company. And the next one I started has now done over $10 million dollars.

I was obviously onto something!

Folks read my stories and decided to give it a shot.
Here are some of their results:

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"I had tried every possible business until I came across Rohan’s guides and his ConvertLabs software. I went from zero to over $1,000,0000 in 2 years."

Have you been “on the verge of” or “about to” launch a business idea, for far too long?

I’ve been there. And as soon as I figured out these TWO things, nothing was ever the same. Here’s the two things that changed my life.

#1: You DON'T want to build the type of business that everyone builds.

There are certain types of businesses that everyone online pursues like clockwork — Affiliate marketing, blogging, Ebay/Amazon, and Shopify ecommerce stores. All the smart money and smart people are essentially pursuing the same thing.

The minute I got off this overcrowded train and pursued my own lane, and went after the thing that no one else wanted to do? That’s where the huge wins happened! Local services fit this bill perfectly.

#2: You DO WANT to compete in unsophisticated markets with high price points.

The best place to be in business is to compete with folks that do not fully understand internet marketing, don’t have the tools to fully leverage growth in their business.

Once I learned this I went from $1,000 business launches that then fizzled out to $20,000 launches that turned into 6, 7, and 8 figure businesses all with local services.

Here's what happened to me after launching my local service...

I was hired to speak at NorthWestern University MBA Program

Instant Influencer Status

Become the expert in your city on turning local services into ecommerce... —it's crazy how actionable this knowledge is.

Dream Clients

Attract amazing clients who pay you top dollar because you have a world-class method of delivering service... I'll teach you how to develop your unique selling points.

Invitations For Paid Speaking Opportunities

What you’ll learn gives you credibility in the local space that is sought after by universities, conferences, government institutions, and online. Become a thought leader in the space.

Real Revenue

You can stop playing the affiliate marketing or dropshipping game where you make pennies per transaction—With local services transaction size we go after is $50 to $500 per sale.

Consistent Income

Because we pursue recurring revenue, each customer ends up having a lifetime value in the thousands where you make recurring revenue every single month per customer. (It's still amazing seeing that Stripe transfers hit my bank account every month!)

Introducing 27 Days to Launch

A 60-day program to help you create & launch your local service business profitably — without the tech struggles or overwhelming information with everything you need to know to go from idea to launch in 27 days!


Step-by-step videos to help you set-up and launch your business in 27 days.

You’ll access the exact case study that has led to countless six and seven figure businesses and led to all the testimonials you see on this page.

In addition you’ll find modules created by other multi-million dollar entrepreneurs that followed our methods to get there. All is left is for you is to put in the work.


Live 24/7 help in our private community of local business builders from all over the world.

Find accountability partners at all stages of the business and get the latest tips and tricks to support your success. Connect with accountability partners in different stages of business to keep you on track.

Learn exactly what's working in the real world in real-time. You’ll find the most supportive and helpful community anywhere with several multi-million dollar entrepreneurs there to support you.


Weekly Group Coaching so all your questions are answered LIVE to get you ready for launch.

With our weekly calls you’ll keep on track for the week, conquer any challenges, and set your goals for the upcoming week to keep you moving towards building a successful company.

I’m fully dedicated to making you succeed and myself and the team will be there to help map out your branding, positioning, and getting you ready to launch and grow your own successful local service business.

PART 4. Website & Technology

Website and software set-up no longer has to be an issue.

Package comes with a full wordpress theme designed specifically for local services with all the knowledge and expertise we have baked right into the site. No previous website skills needed.

We’ll install your site for you so you can skip the technical challenges of building your website on your own.

Everything is designed for you to move quickly from idea stage to having a full and functioning business.

Here's what you'll learn:



Here's what you'll learn:

Module 2: Branding

Here's what you'll learn:


Here's what you'll learn:




Get the following when you enroll today...

Lifetime Access to Millionaire Academy

No wasted content! Millionaire Academy is a suite of courses created by millionaire entrepreneurs who have started from zero and build 7 and 8 figure local businesses. You'll get FREE, immediate access!

  • • Case studies to see a local company built in real-time
  • • Invites to in-person events
  • • Step by step marketing instructions
  • • Everything laid out beautifully

...All the info you need to crush it with your business.

Free Setup Of ConvertLabs

This is how you'll SCALE YOUR BUSINESS. Get the software that has generated over $10 million dollars in sales for me. Online booking is one of the best ways to sell your services. Make money from anywhere in the world as your customers book service and pay instantly online.

  • • No hours of figuring this out yourself
  • • No buying expensive technology training
  • • No hacking together multiple solutions
  • • No having to figure out mobile apps

Everything is fully integrated from booking to credit card set up. :) With my help, you'll be a pro in no time.


We’ll map out the Quick Start System that got me to $25,000 in monthly revenue in the first 6 months. Settle on your perfect industry, research your city, get you set up with ConvertLabs software, optimize your software settings, and more...

Imagine growing to 2k customers in 1 year and making $100,000 from your service right from your laptop.

Pay in full for #27daystolaunch, and join me on this live session!!!

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"Rohan helped me turn business from an idea to making $100,000 in the first year. My life has changed tremendously!"

Ready to create & launch your online business with someone who's done in countless times?

Hi! I'm Rohan Gilkes...

For the past five years I’ve helped hundreds of regular folks like us start from nothing and build 6,7, and 8 figure businesses to the tune of over $50 million dollars in combined revenue per year. (Yes, the screenshots you saw above are real).

We’ve done this by leveraging a simple strategy: We take local old-school unsophisticated industries and turn them into world-class online businesses complete with mobile apps and all the bells and whistles that customers expect in today’s internet world. (Very much like Uber did to old-school taxi services).

I’ve been featured everywhere from Forbes to Fortune to the New York Times and more!

And today you have the opportunity to join us on this journey.

I'm committed to helping you package simple online services into a premium online offering that with success leads to increased freedom.

Let’s Make it Happen! Ready to create & launch your online local business?